We are a Closed Campus​

In keeping with our commitment to Welcoming and Caring Schools,  Forestburg School implements a Closed Campus for the safety and security of our ECS to grade 6 students.

A Closed Campus means that once students arrive on school grounds, they must remain for the duration of their school day including lunch. Students may not leave school property at lunch without written permission from a parent or legal guardian on the designated consent forms available at the office.

In addition, students leaving our school property during regularly scheduled instructional hours, with additional parental permission, must sign out at the office before they leave the school grounds and must sign in when they return.

Students arriving late in the morning or afternoon are asked to enter the front doors of the school and sign in at the office; as they may arrive to find all other access points of the school locked.

Students in grade 7-12 are to follow the same sign in and sign out procedures as so our attendance records are accurate, however, we have no restrictions on this age of students from leaving the school grounds during the lunch break. 

What conditions would result in the school being closed?

​It is the intention that all Battle River School Division schools will remain open for students on all regularly scheduled days on the approved school division calendar. The only exceptions would be as a result of a physical building and/or utilities failures and/or outages. Specific details of Administrative Proceedure 132, Emergency Closures of Schools, can be found here.

I've just learned that school busses are not running. What does that mean for my child?​

Unless conditions are met for the Emergency Closure of SchoolsAdministrative Proceedure 132, Forestburg School will remain open to all students. As a regularly scheduled operational day, registered bus students will be recorded with an excusable absence, but non-registered bus students, whose parents choose not to send their child, will be recorded as a non-excusable absence. Curriculum related instruction and support  will still occur even if buses are not running. Teachers will however, take into consideration the registered bus students that were unable to attend, as so they are not negatively impacted as a result of their absence. In the end, it is always at the parents discretion whether or not to send their child during severe weather events.